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我e家瓷砖创立于2008年,作为业 界瞩目的新锐品牌,享有

Modern and stylish tile vane

企业秉承“创优质产品、领市场潮流”的经营理念,以创新为导向,以品质为根基,以时尚为元素,致力于 为中国瓷砖个性化装饰空间注入时尚、灵动的新元素,打造时 尚品质的生活之家。

Enterprise adhering to the "create high-quality products, leading the market trend of" business philosophy, innovation-oriented to quality as the foundation to fashion elements into the fashion of China is committed to a personalized decorative tile space, clever new elements to create quality fashion the house of Life.


Leading professional fashion show

我e家瓷砖 营销总部位于佛山禅城区,展示面 积达一万平方米,100多个实景模拟间,将数百 款瓷砖产品铺贴空间充分展示,所展示 的产品花色新颖、配套完善、风格全面;涵盖了600x1200大板、900x900大板、负离子大理石瓷砖、缎光釉大理石、E代通体大理石、现代仿古砖、瓷抛砖、通体大理石瓷砖、高清大理石瓷砖、抛釉砖、现代仿古瓷片、内墙砖、哑光砖等系列产品。

I e home Ceramics marketing headquarters in Foshan Chancheng, display area of 10,000 square meters, more than 100 dioramas among the thousands of ceramic tiles models, most vividly, the products displayed Fancy new, complete and perfect style comprehensive; cover a ceramic stone, K gold, Seiko tiles (tiles), ink-jet printing the wall, the whole cast glazed marble five categories of products.

先进设备 夯实生产

Leading compaction equipment production

企业规模庞大,生产基 地位于广东清远市佛冈,占地面积多大1千亩,总投资超过8亿人民币,拥有先 进陶瓷生产设备,科学的 管理模式和庞大的产品研发团队。

Large-scale enterprises, the production base is located in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Fogang, covers an area of up to 1,000 acres, with a total investment of over 800 million yuan, with the world advanced ceramics production equipment, scientific management mode, first-class product development.

卓越品质 美誉加冕

Excellent quality reputation of coronation

我e家以诚信为基础,始终以 消费者的需求为导向,倾情提供绿色、环保、健康的陶瓷产品。产品先后通过ISO9001管理质 量体系标准认证、ISO14001环境管 理体系标准认证和“3C”强制认证。

I e home in good faith as the basis, always with consumer demand, portrait with green, environmentally friendly, healthy outstanding ceramic products. Products have passed ISO9001 international quality management system standard certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system standard certification and "3C" mandatory national certification.

营销网络 遍布全球

Marketing network all over the world

我e家为全 球数十个国家和地区的客户提供高品质、个性化 建陶产品及服务。引进标 准化的陶瓷集团营运模式,国内外 知名大师设计理念、先进的 生产设备和大规模生产基地,为越来 越多的工程和家装客户提供值得信赖的产品。


I e home for clients in dozens of countries and regions worldwide to provide high-quality, personalized ceramic products and services. A world-class business model Ceramics Group, top international design masters, the world's leading production equipment and large-scale production bases, a growing number of projects and home improvement customers with reliable products and services.

o Fashion e family quality of life, the future belongs to my e home; the future belongs to every pursuit of quality and lifestyle of the people!


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